Detox your Body naturally at home ?

The methods for detoxing depend on what you want to detox, such as your body or your mental state. However, we will be discussing both methods today. So, without wasting any time, let’s learn some ways to detox ourselves.

Clean your body by BHUTA SHUDHI process ?

Bhuta Shuddhi is a practice that helps to purify the five basic elements of nature which are also present in our body. By doing this, we can improve our overall health and wellbeing. The practice involves bringing these elements under our control to make our body healthier. In this blog we will talk how to do do this process. Remember I am just talking about simple basic level of bhuta shhudhi process that you can do at home.

Our body is the Most Complex machine in the world and we have take care of this super machine.

Top ways to DETOX your Body


In today’s world, we consume so much junk food that the vegetables are highly processed, and by the time they reach our table, most of the nutrients are lost. Plants are connected with nature and possess natural energy, but we cannot sense it as we lack the consciousness to feel the nature around us. Instead, we should consume live foods like fruits and vegetables, which are full of life, rather than dead cells in meat and junk food. By doing so, our body cells will rejuvenate, and we will feel lighter and more energized.

Eat simple less processed food like salads, roti, fruits, fruits juice, boiled vegetables, etc.

2. Keep WATER overnight in a vessel

Your elders may have told you to keep water in a vessel overnight and drink it in the morning.

Drinking water directly from the tap can be harmful in many ways. The water that reaches you is pumped from a river into your building, and then it is pumped again to reach the higher floors of the building. Along this path, the water makes many turns and changes direction, at the end 70% of water is poison.

To avoid this, simply fill the vessel and leave it for some time to allow the water to regain its purity. That’s why it’s recommended to keep water overnight and drink it the next morning after waking up.

3. Spend time with NATURE

With time, we are losing our sense of nature and our ability to sense the natural energy that flows all around us. Animals don’t know how to read time, but they instinctively know which season they must awaken from months of slumber because they are connected to nature.

Go for a walk every day, and you will feel nice. It’s just a small task that can be easily done. Take your friends with you, and enjoy their company while taking a walk in nature. That way, you, nature, and your friends will connect and develop a strong bond.

Explore mountain even if they are small, just go and sit there for a while or have nap if you are tired Or you can eat while seating on mountain and enjoy its view. this will all help you detox your mind and body.

4. Determine your fire

Every person has a fire burning within them; you just have to recognize your fire and treat it accordingly. The fire can be fueled by greed, love, compassion, anger, lust, and so on. All of these emotions can be harmful if not treated well. My point is that you should get to know yourself and make changes in different aspects of your life because change is necessary. You must not only clean your body, but also cleanse your soul.

5. Sleep at least 6 hours

Sleep is necessary for you to get rest. It is the only activity that helps us to regenerate and be more efficient after waking up. Try to sleep in an open place. If you sleep in room, as at night, after some time, you may suffocate and consume less oxygen, which can make you feel sleepy when you wake up. You can sleep on a terrace, in a garden, or anywhere there is a continuous supply of fresh air.

When you sleep in an open area, your sleep quality will gradually improve and sleeping hours will decrease, and you will feel more refreshed than ever before.

Thank you reading this blog and giving yourself time to detox your body and soul.


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