Shiva the Hindu god is the supreme god in INDIAN MYTHOLOGY. Shiva is the adiyogi who have divine powers.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is believed to be immortal and indestructible. However, there are several stories in Hinduism that describe the death of Lord Shiva in different ways. One of the most popular stories is the story of Shiva’s self-decapitation. In this story, Lord Shiva beheads himself as a result of intense meditation and the desire to attain a higher state of consciousness. His followers believe that this act symbolizes the transcendence of the physical body and the attainment of spiritual enlightenment.

Another story in Hindu mythology describes the death of Lord Shiva in Hinduism due to the curse of a sage named Brigus. In this story, Lord Shiva is cursed by Bhrigu after he refuses to acknowledge the sage’s presence. The curse causes Lord Shiva to lose his divine powers and become mortal. To regain his powers, Lord Shiva is forced to undertake a difficult penance, which ultimately leads to his death and rebirth.

Hindu god Lord Shiva is considered to be a powerful and revered deity in Hinduism, and his stories are meant to teach important lessons about spirituality and morality.

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