In this blog, we are going to talk about Lord Shiva’s third eye: the most powerful element in the universe. Lord Shiva’s third eye represents so many things according to Hindu mythology. The third eye is considered the most sacred element in Hindu mythology and is believed to be the most powerful eye that can burn everything that comes in its way.


According to Hindu mythology ,

During the cosmic dance of Shiva known as the Tandava, Shiva’s energy and power became so intense that it threatened to destroy the universe. In order to contain this immense energy, Shiva opened his third eye. Shiva burned everything that can be burned, all the emotion, all relationship, etc. Ash comes out of pores in the skin that’s why people see fire when he opened his eyes.

What third eye of Shiva is called ?

The third eye of Shiva is commonly referred to as the “AJNA” or “AJNA CHAKRA“, “ajna” means “command” or “perception,” and “chakra” refers to a wheel or vortex of energy.

What happens if god Shiva opens third eye?

The opening of Shiva’s third eye is believed to trigger a great release of energy and unleash his immense power. It is said that when Shiva opens his third eye, it results in the destruction of ignorance, darkness, and illusion, and brings about a state of enlightenment or illumination. This event is often associated with significant cosmic and metaphysical changes, and is said to have profound effects on the universe and all living beings.In other versions, it is seen as a transformative event that leads to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

How many times did lord Shiva open his eyes?

There are total 3 events when lord shiva opened his third eye,

  1. Sati was the first Adi Shakti incarnation. Sati’s father did not like Lord Shiva and was against him in every way. Sati’s sister told her that Lord Shiva was not invited to any of the poojas held by their father. Upon learning this, Sati went to the pooja without Lord Shiva’s permission. During the pooja, Sati’s father insulted her so much that it angered Lord Shiva, leading him to open his Third eye..
  2. Destruction of Kamadeva: According to one story, Kamadeva was sent to Shiva to ignite feelings towards Parvati Devi because Parvati is the Adishakti, and thus Shiva and Parvati must unite. When Kamadeva tried to distract Shiva from his deep state of meditation, Lord Shiva opened his third eye, burning Kamadeva, the god of desire, to ashes.
  3. Indra’s Arrogance: Shiva opened his third eye in anger in response to a disrespectful act by Indra, the king of gods. When Indra disrupted Shiva’s meditation and insulted him, Shiva opened his third eye, releasing a fiery beam of energy that burned away Indra’s arrogance and served as a reminder of the supreme power and authority of Shiva.
  4. Parvati’s Playful Act: When his wife Parvati playfully covered his two eyes with her hands, plunging the world into darkness, Shiva opened his eyes to enlighten the world again.

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