How to improve yourself ? Know yourself..

I feel that the most difficult question is how to improve oneself. Let’s talk about it today, and I’m confident that you’ll find your answers by the end of our discussion. So, please stay with me until the end and discover yourself

“The life is present, not past nor future”

Knowing oneself involves understanding both one’s body and mind. This is because it is the only way to truly understand oneself and to uncover the truth about oneself. Whenever I ask myself this question, I try to listen to the single voice that is coming from inside my soul, my body, and my mind.


  • To improve ourselves, we must first examine our current situation. You need to be aware of the present life you are living with every breath you take. The answer to self-improvement lies in the present. Many people make the mistake of setting goals they believe will improve themselves and try to influence themselves through external factors and they fail at the end.
  • Somebody said, ‘If you have money, you can do it. If you have education, you can do it. If you get married, it will happen,’ and everybody ran for it. Essentially, what should happen inside is what you are trying to cause from outside. You are doing it wrong; everything starts from inside.
  • Too much attention to everything around you and not enough attention to your insides[ mind, soul, body, etc., ] Life depends on how you carry yourself and the body.  If you just look inside then you will find the reasons why you are lacking, the body is telling the truth but you have formed a shield in front of its voice.
  • If you want to do anything sensible in your life, and conduct any situation in a sensible manner, being peaceful and happy are fundamental building blocks.
  • Now that you’ve learned how to know and understand yourself, it’s time to think about how to implement the changes

Right now, you may have become so many social entities that you could be lost in them. It’s not your fault to feel this way, but remaining in that state for too long is something you need to take responsibility for. Just like you, I also suffer from this kind of distraction and it’s common, but you have to take control of your mind and body to get back on track in your life.


Believe me, my friend, you don’t have to handle all things at once. If you try to multitask, you will burn out your mind. Initially, you may attempt to do everything simultaneously, but over time you will realize that you are failing at every task, and eventually you will quit. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself simple and sorted at the beginning.


Everyone has value, but some may have more or less than others. It’s important to know your own worth, and one way to do that is to write down the things you’re good at, even the small things. Comparing yourself to others based on value has its pros and cons. Instead, try to understand your every single movement throughout the day. By doing so, you will find your cup of tea.

Your value does not matter if you continue to move forward.


I want you to do one thing and you will never regret it. Every day do one thing that your mind says not to do it. Just think about any thing and do it, I know your mind will find best excuses in the world but you have to do it no matter what. First take small steps like every morning take cold shower even if your mind says no to it.

My friend, if you conquer your mind, you will become the best version of yourself across different dimensions. Your mind has set limits that tell you what you can and cannot do. However, by overcoming these limits and taking control of your thoughts, you can break free from self-imposed restrictions and unlock your true potential.

Remember, your mind can either make you a king or a slave – it’s all in your hands.

These few things will help you start your journey. First, you should master all the things I mentioned above, and then you will see the beauty of your strength.

If you are still reading, then thank you for giving yourself some time. I don’t know you, but I still believe that the day will come when you are sitting with a drink in one hand and all of your achievements in the other hand

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