Why gaming feels chores ?

There can be several reasons you are feeling chore about the game,

  1. Want to try new games  
  2. You are playing alone
  3. Video games get boring as you get older


Do you feel like “I want something new” then you might have bored because you are playing the same game for a long time or you are playing the same genre game? See humans get bored when they are doing the same thing again and again so that makes the brains lazy to render it. 

You should try new games that are different from the game you played before or you can try to find a new hobby that can replace your game.


This is my experience that whenever I play with my friends the fun is more than when I play alone. when you play alone the fun limits you but with friends, you have a different kind of connection that makes simple things also exciting. While playing with friends you can have parties, dance, romance( if you have a partner), etc. You can reconnect with your old friends and have a healthy relationship with them. 

You should try playing friends.


As you grow older you are always followed by responsibilities. Humans change with time as they experience different events in their life, and because of this you lose interest in several activities and one of them might be playing a game in your case. I think you should just take a break and enjoy going out on a trip with your friends and also you can play games with them.

What to do when video games get boring

Try different platform games like pc, playstation, mobile games. When you play on single platform only then you try other platform because the controls are all different, games are different, set up is different. 

You can find Hobby that can replace your games, you can try activities like playing guitar, piano, flute, etc.     hobby keeps you busy and also you will have fun while performing that activity. 

Go out with your friends or you can make new friends. You can have parties with your friends and you can play videogames with them so that you will feel interest in games.

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